Xbox Scorpio…THE Next Gen Console?

Whilst the Xbox One S (a slimmed down and 4K streaming capable) version of the console is currently doing well in the sales department, it’s the Project Scorpio console that everyone’s talking about.  Boasting 6tf of power it’ll be the most powerful console ever built and (according to Microsoft) will support VR and native 4K visuals.

But do gamer’s really want or need 4K?  The console may be a year away but I doubt we’ll see any real significant drops in price for 4K televisions in that time.  From the various forums and websites around the net it seems that what people really want are games that run at 1080p with solid 60fps gameplay, something neither the Xbox One or PS4 can currently offer for AAA games such as Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2 to name a couple.  Even the remastered Skyrim is capped at 30fps although it does offer the full 1080p resolution.  It is, however, a 6 year old game.

So is Scorpio going to be the console to own for the foreseeable future?  Only time will tell, and with Sony’s PS4 Pro currently receiving mixed reviews it remains to be seen if the gaming community will be willing to embrace these new consoles such a short time after the originals were released.  We’re used to seeing these expensive bits of black plastic last us for many years with both their predecessors turning 8 before being offered the option of retirement.  This is uncharted territory, perhaps offering something that most people won’t be fully ready for, and despite their boast in power could offer only slight improvements over what we already see.

Price will be another point that could make of break Scorpio.  The Pro is currently retailing at £399 which is, in my mind, a lot for such a relatively small increase in power.  It’s far too early to judge how successful it will be but when Scorpio launches the Pro will have been out for a year and those sales figures should be a good estimate of how well Microsoft’s new console will take off.  There have been some cryptic mentions of price by Microsoft but nothing concrete or revealing.  There was also mention that Microsoft would be working with retailers to offer deals for people to trade in their current consoles against the price of Scorpio.  Whether that still is the plan going forward I don’t know but it would be a nice gesture from the company that only a couple of years ago were asking people to spend their money on the One.

So will the Xbox Scorpio (I for one hope they keep that name) be a success or is it just a little too much too soon?